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Fluid Flow Ltd (known as The Fluid Group) are specialists in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for Water, Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

Founded in 2005, we provide state-of-the art, 3D flow modelling from first principles.

In the water and environmental sector, CFD modelling is used to optimise the design and operation of mixing tanks, reservoirs, pumping stations, flow splits, filter distribution systems, aeration lanes, clarifiers, digesters... and much more ...

3D modelling can confirm whether a new engineering design will meet the design objectives, or examine why an operating plant is failing. We save money by comparing potential solutions with computer simulation before further construction or product development.

We are also a company who values its contribution to global research in the field of 3D modelling. Our interests include healthcare simulation where blood flow is modelled from the corotid artery to the heart and brain; and the modelling of nanoparticles for a range of practical applications - enhanced fuel storage, medical treatment and wastewater removal.

Throughout this range of engineering opportunity we offer a cost effective, value-added, confidential service.

At Fluid Flow Ltd you have access to the most advanced simulation expertise in fluid engineering today, from reservoirs to human arteries, from drinking water to incinerators.

Why not call us on 0845 055 8571, or E-mail info@thefluidgroup.com to find out more.

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